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Looking for more information or information you can share with others? The NCPEID has a wide variety of materials to get you started. The NCPEID provides a brochure that summarizes physical education guidelines for children with disabilities. We have also developed an Advocacy PowerPoint template which is available to you for presentations.  The template can be individualized to meet your specific needs, but please maintain the branding of the NCPEID as you modify or add new slides

In addition, the Adapted Physical Activity Council of the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation has developed position statements on "Highly Qualified Adapted Physical Education Teachers" and on "Eligibility Criteria for Adapted Physical Education Services."   Providing School-Sponsored Interscholastic Sport/Athletics for Students with Disabilities  

The NCPEID Interscolastic Sports/Atheletics for Students with Disabilities committee developed  a position statement that was passed by the membership on July 17th, 2015. It promotes equity for all students seeking to engage in extracurricular activities, specifically sports and atheletics. Click Here to view the position statement.

Dear Colleague Letter : Extracurricular Activities

Government Accountability Office Report: June 2010  - GAO Report: Students with Disabilities in Physical Education and Athletics

Department of Education Document: August 2011 - Creating Equal Opportunities to Participate in Physical Education and Extracurricular Athletics

Federal Register: August 2006 - Assistance to States for the Education of Children with Disabilities and Preschool Grants for Children with Disabilities