2021 Call for Nominations

The call for nominations for the NCPEID Executive Committee, Board of Directors, as well as, APENS Committee is now open. All terms will begin in July 2021 at the NCPEID Annual Conference. Specific duties associated with each position can be found in the NCPEID bylaws.

Available positions include:

  • President-Elect (4 year term)

  • Members at Large (2 year term; 2 positions available)

  • Research Consortium Chair (2 year term)

  • Historian (2 year term)

  • Student Representative (2 year term)

  • APENS Committee Member (4 year term)

Candidates may be nominated by a colleague or may self-nominate. If you plan to nominate someone else, please contact them before making your nomination to verify their willingness to run for election and serve. All candidates must be active NCPEID members to run for and serve in all positions.
Nominations should include the candidate's name, email address, phone number, institutional affiliation, and a maximum 250-word brief bio that summarizes their qualifications, experiences, background, etc. to serve in the specific position. Please note that candidates may only run for one position in a given election.
Click here to nominate or self-nominate for Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and APENS Committee positions.

Election Timeline

  • March 1: Call for nominations.
  • April 1: Call for nominations closes.
  • April 15: Voting opens and members receive email instructions on how to cast their ballot.
  • May 1: Voting closes.
  • May 15: Newly elected members are announced.

The NCPEID Executive Committee and Board of Directors would like to thank each of the candidates for their willingness to serve in these positions. If you have questions regarding the positions, please contact Nicole Kirk ([email protected]), Nominations and Elections Committee Chair.