Membership Benefits

Maintaining active membership status with NCPEID provides professionals and students with numerous benefits:

NCPEID Resources

The National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities offers valuable resources to assist its members, by disseminating professional information to promote the development of quality adapted physical education and adapted physical activity programs and services.  Active members receive the quarterly published professional journal of NCPEID, PALAESTRA. In addition, NCPEID offers links and resources to numerous professional organizations, information regarding professional preparation programs, guidance documents, as well as, information about legislative activity related to physical education/activity for individuals with disabilities.

NCPEID Advocacy Initiatives

NCPEID members receive consistent and timely information regarding legislative activity that affects quality adapted physical education service provision for students with disabilities.  For example, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) is due for reauthorization. NCPEID's legislative advocacy team and Board of Directors has targeted specific advocacy initiatives in preparation for this key issue.  Knowledge of advocacy initiatives, as well as, opportunity for involvement is valuable benefit for NCPEID members.

NCPEID Annual Conference

The NCPEID Annual Conference enhances adapted physical education (APE) and adapted physical activity (APA) professionals’ practice by providing opportunities to engage with and hear from nationally-renowned experts in the field whom share evidence-based practices, as well as, practice-based evidence through poster sessions, free communication sessions, emerging scholar symposium, and keynote addresses.

NCPEID Professional Connections

NCPEID members also have access to numerous professionals, advocates, and leaders within the field who are passionate about ensuring high quality service provision for physical education and physical activity for individuals with disabilities.  Opportunities to establish professional relationships and networks are afforded through the annual conference and specific NCPEID website features allotted to its members.  Collaboration with and learning from experts in the field enhances NCPEID member’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop and implement physical education and physical activity programming for individuals with disabilities.


The following options are available for NCPEID membership. 

  • One-year Professional membership rate - $75.00
  • One-year Full Time Student membership rate - $50.00
  • Lifetime membership rate - $400.00