Currently Elected Officers

The governing body for NCPEID is comprised of a 5-member Executive Committee and a 10-member Board of Directors. Included within this governing body are the president, immediate past president or president-elect, vice president, treasurer, secretary, four members at-large, historian, APENS chair, awards chair, research consortium chair, and two student representatives.

Executive Committee


Michelle Grenier, PhD, CAPE

NCPEID President (2020-2022)

Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire

Adjunct Professor, University of South Carolina

                                   [email protected]


Cindy Piletic, PhD, CAPE

NCPEID President-Elect (2018-2022)

Professor, Western Illinois University

[email protected]


Adam Pennell, PhD, CAPE

Interim treasurer (2021-2022)

Assistant Professor, Pepperdine University

adam[email protected]


Ali Brian, PhD, CAPE

NCPEID Vice President-Elect (2020-2023)

Associate Professor, University of South Carolina

[email protected]


Erin Siebert, PhD, MPH

NCPEID Secretary (2020-2022)

Assistant Professor, San Jose State University

[email protected]



Board of Directors


NCPEID Vice President

Andrea Taliaferro, PhD

NCPEID Member at Large (2021-2023)

Associate Professor, West Virginia University

[email protected]



NCPEID Member at Large

Melissa Bittner, PhD

NCPEID Member at Large (2019-2022)

Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

[email protected]



Amanda Young, PhD, CAPE

NCPEID Member at Large (2020-2022)

Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

[email protected] 



T. Nicole Kirk, PhD

NCPEID Member at Large (2020-2022)

Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

[email protected]



Amy Oliver

NCPEID Student Representative (2020-2022)

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

[email protected]


Heather A. Katz

NCPEID Student Representative (2021-2023)

University of Wisconsin-Madison



TDavisphoto2.jpg - 1.73 MbTimothy D. Davis, PhD, CAPE

NCPEID APENS Chair (2020-2024)

Associate Professor, State University of New York Cortland

[email protected]



Deborah R. Shapiro, PhD

NCPEID Research Consortium Chair (2021-2023)

Professor, Georgia State University

[email protected]


Ann-Catherine Sullivan, PhD

NCPEID Historian (2021-2023)

Associate Professor, Norfolk State University

[email protected]


NCPEID Legislative Chair

Suzanna Dillon, PhD, CAPE

NCPEID Advocacy Chair (2018-2021)

Associate Professor, Texas Woman's University

[email protected]



Emily Gilbert, PhD

NCPEID Awards Chair (2020-2022)

Assistant Professor, State University of New York Cortland

[email protected]



Past Presidents

Numerous prominent leaders in the academic disciplines of Adapted Physical Education/Activity and Therapeutic Recreation have served as president of the Consortium. Many of these past presidents are authors of the scholarly textbooks and significant research/demonstration projects that serve as the foundations for effective physical activity and recreation programming for individuals with disabilities.