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NCPEID has a significant historical, current and future impact on shaping the direction of physical education and physical activity for individuals with disabilities. It was founded with the vision of quality personnel preparation, research/demonstration, and service related to Adapted Physical Education/Activity. Numerous leaders in the academic disciplines of APE/A have served the organization and have helped shape effective physical education and physical activity programming for individuals with disabilities.  NCPEID invites it's members to consider serving in an elected or appointed position as an officer and/or member of one of the numerous standing committees. 


NCPEID elections are held each year prior to the Annual Conference by electronic ballot. It is anticipated that elections will open April 15 and close approximately two weeks later. Newly elected members are notified by May 15 and begin their duties at the New Board Meeting at the Annual Conference. Pursuant to the NCPEID Bylaws, newly elected members will be published on the website by May 15. 

There are four Executive Committee and seven Board of Director officer positions. Approximately six positions are elected each year. In addition, several positions on the APENS standing committee are elected, as stated in the bylaws. Committee member positions are appointed each year for the Membership Committee, Awards Committee, and Legislative Committee.   

To learn more about the NCPEID process and procedures for elections and appointments, please read the NCPEID Bylaws.


2022 NCPEID Special Elections - Interim Research Chair & Social Media Chair 

NCPEID leadership is currently seeking nominations to fill two positions on its Board of Directors (BOD).

The first position is interim Research Chair (2022-2023). This position was previously held by President-Elect Deborah Shapiro who will vacate the role following the final BOD meeting of the term.

The second position is the newly-developed Social Media Chair position that, if ratified in the bylaw vote, will begin in the first BOD meeting of the 2022-2023 term.

The vote for both roles will be held during the 2022 NCPEID conference business meeting. In addition to nominations solicited using this online form, further nominations will be accepted from the floor of the business meeting.

To nominate yourself or a colleague, please complete the nomination form using the link below.

Note: All nominees must be active NCPEID members. If nominating someone other than yourself, please confirm that the potential candidate is willing and able to serve prior to submitting nomination. Thank you!

 Click to nominate


The NCPEID Executive Committee and Board of Directors would like to thank each of the candidates for their willingness to serve in these positions.

If you have questions regarding the positions, please contact Nicole Kirk ([email protected]), Nominations and Elections Committee Chair.


T. Nicole Kirk, PhD

NCPEID Member at-Large And Nominations and Elections Committee Chair

Assistant Professor, University of Georgia 

Email: [email protected]